Adult Chat Model Pictures

Adult chat models are not for everyone. But for some of us it is an amazing trip to be on to have a relationship with an adult performer. Yes I understand that these women are basically the 21 century equivalent of digital strippers. But the never ending burning desire to have sex with someone that you can see, but never be able to touch is powerful force. Infatuation is one of the greatest states of mind to be in. It is a drug. A sweet drug.

Here are some photos of some sweet women from both Livejasmin.com and Cams.com





Its Christmas Time and Cam Girls Get Gifts!

I an recent article on Vice , the details of massive amounts of gifts Cam Girl Lindsay Dye gets form her adult webcam show patrons. Amazon delivers to her stuff every week – All from the men who love her online.The wide range of gifts goes from sociology books to candles to giant sex toys.



Among the growing mound of half-unpacked stuff in Lindsay Dye new Bed Stuy apartment is a 27″ 5K Retina Display Mac monitor and track pad. I asked if it was a gift from a client. A big grin appeared across her face as she informed me that her dad bought it for her prior to realizing she’d updated her job title on LinkedIn as “camgirl.”

Over the past two years, Dye’s worked as both a camgirl and artist, often fusing the two practices into one. As a camgirl, she dances, chats, or sits on cake for clients she meets online. As an artist, Dye takes screenshots of other camgirls to create clothing and prints about copyright infringement, identity, and cybersex. Often times, she’ll sell prints of stolen screengrabs from clients who’ve tried to blackmail her. As she told Motherboard  a recent profile, “I’m past being frustrated with being naked on the internet. Instead, I want the circularity of my projects to work in my favor, by taking back what is mine and selling what [people who record my cam videos] can’t: my physical artwork.”

In exchange for pleasing viewers on MyFreeCams.com, Dye has amassed hundreds of anonymous gifts from her Amazon wish list—so many items that it’s hard to tell what’s a gift and what isn’t in her apartment. Of course she receives money from her clients, too, but her presents are as idiosyncratic as her libidinous relationships with online strangers, ranging from sex toys and jewelry, to domestic kitsch and books on black identity. These objects double as art supplies for Dye, suggesting that her cam work and art career overlap in a way that’s indistinguishable—they’re all part of Dye’s singular identity.

Trolls and Mods

This is an intriguing story about the Mods(moderators) in adult chat rooms. These are interesting people I never though about.I have see them kicking people out of the chat, but I never thought what do they get out of being a Mod? Why do they do it? The answers are found here in this excellent article by Vice .
Cortana currently has 15 mods, including a handful she considers to be her most dedicated. As I watched her go live on cam, it became clear to me how pro Cortana’s moderators were as five of them worked in tandem expertly guarding over her room. Barely a minute passed without someone saying some sus shit, but within the blink of an eye, offensive words disappeared. To find out more about why some people choose to work free of charge as bouncers of camgirl rooms, VICE reached out to some of Cortana’s top mods.


Inside The Webcam Capitol of the World

Check out a half an hour podcast from Crossing Continents on BBC. An average girl in Romania makes $5000 per month. This is her story.



Inside Romania’s live, web-camming world – the engine of the online sex industry… Crossing Continents explores the fastest growing sector of so-called, ‘adult’ entertainment. Locally, it’s known as ‘video-chat’. And in Romania there are thousands of women logging on, and in ‘private’ one-to-one sessions undressing (and more) for the international clients who pay to watch them. It is not sex work in the traditional sense – the relationships are virtual, there is no meeting or touching. Linda Pressly meets the women employed in studios and from home, and others with experience of this burgeoning industry.

Did She Blackmail Him?

I feel like this is an important topic to discuss and one that I’ve explained many times in the past to prospective clients who are seeking a blackmail experience, as well as new camgirls/Dommes who are learning about providing such a service. It’s a very simple road to navigate as long as it is done […]

via Blackmail vs Blackmail Fantasy by alittlekink — iWantBlog

Happy Birthday LustingAroma

On her birthday that just passed webcam model LustingAroma had a cilent give her a gift. That gift was 51,000 coins or $2500. Its not a bad gift considering the fact it was from a random stranger on the internet.

high tip


As you can see from the look on her face, she can not believe it either. She looks like she is about to shit herself.

Cam Girls Earn More than Porn Stars

This is from a recent article in Maxim.

A professional cam girl can make up to $5000 per day, considerably more than porn stars make during a 12-hour shoot.

Not bad for sitting in front of your computer for four hours.


cam girl selfie 22


While many assume that viewers tune in for sexual entertainment, many, like Aspen Rae, say it’s more about making personal connections.

“I would say the majority of guys that I entertain, they’re more looking to kick it.”

“They’ve tipped us so we don’t get online and can go have a good time. They really do care about us, and we really do care about them.”

Of course, there are definitely those who will pay out big tips to see a model do any number of erotic gestures on-demand, whether it’s flashing the camera or spanking themselves.

Auzzie Babe pulls in Half a Million per Year

Heidi a 23 year old woman from Melbourne Australia gave an interview to the Daily Mail . In it she reveals the fact that she is making $500,000 per year working on adult live cam sites. She revealed that she is working at myfreecams.com and megacam.tv . This incredible salary is quite amazing considering the face that this girl is quite ordinary looking. She is not ugly by any means, but she is far from a glamorous model. Maybe its her crazy green hair that is making her all this money. or perhaps she is very good at providing the mental stimulation that people really enjoy with sex. If you are interested in becoming and online adult chat tycoon there is more info here.


auzzie cam girl