Did She Blackmail Him?

I feel like this is an important topic to discuss and one that I’ve explained many times in the past to prospective clients who are seeking a blackmail experience, as well as new camgirls/Dommes who are learning about providing such a service. It’s a very simple road to navigate as long as it is done […]

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Webcam Model Attacked by Shark

While filming a commercial for camsoda.com adult performer Molly Cavalli was mauled by hungry shark. The shark took a chunk from the bottom of her leg. The president of Camsoda Darren Press, said he will be paying for Cavalli’s medical bills plus time off from work. The adult cam company was attempting to do a live streaming adult show underwater if Florida when the whole thing went wrong. Apparently sharks like very large breast implants.

You can see the whole video here.

shark bite

If you are interested in reading the more the original story is here.