Its Christmas Time and Cam Girls Get Gifts!

I an recent article on Vice , the details of massive amounts of gifts Cam Girl Lindsay Dye gets form her adult webcam show patrons. Amazon delivers to her stuff every week – All from the men who love her online.The wide range of gifts goes from sociology books to candles to giant sex toys.



Among the growing mound of half-unpacked stuff in Lindsay Dye new Bed Stuy apartment is a 27″ 5K Retina Display Mac monitor and track pad. I asked if it was a gift from a client. A big grin appeared across her face as she informed me that her dad bought it for her prior to realizing she’d updated her job title on LinkedIn as “camgirl.”

Over the past two years, Dye’s worked as both a camgirl and artist, often fusing the two practices into one. As a camgirl, she dances, chats, or sits on cake for clients she meets online. As an artist, Dye takes screenshots of other camgirls to create clothing and prints about copyright infringement, identity, and cybersex. Often times, she’ll sell prints of stolen screengrabs from clients who’ve tried to blackmail her. As she told Motherboard  a recent profile, “I’m past being frustrated with being naked on the internet. Instead, I want the circularity of my projects to work in my favor, by taking back what is mine and selling what [people who record my cam videos] can’t: my physical artwork.”

In exchange for pleasing viewers on, Dye has amassed hundreds of anonymous gifts from her Amazon wish list—so many items that it’s hard to tell what’s a gift and what isn’t in her apartment. Of course she receives money from her clients, too, but her presents are as idiosyncratic as her libidinous relationships with online strangers, ranging from sex toys and jewelry, to domestic kitsch and books on black identity. These objects double as art supplies for Dye, suggesting that her cam work and art career overlap in a way that’s indistinguishable—they’re all part of Dye’s singular identity.

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