Cam Girls and The BlockChain

Find Free Nude Cams Online And On The BlockChain

When we think of blockchain, we usually associate it with financial services applications. However, blockchains have a multitude of applications and can be used in a variety of fields. It is, therefore no surprise that it can be used to power a new generation webcam platform such as Camscircle, that offers security and anonymity to its users.

The webcam industry landscape

Although the webcam industry has evolved from a small adult entertainment niche into a multi-million business, all existing webcam platforms present a number of fundamental problems regarding payments, security, and anonymity. Innovations in the webcam industry are therefore necessary to for achieving progress.

The webcam industry is the most technologically advanced branch in online porn. Models (usually, women) talk to video chat users and, for additional payments, pose, strip and perform sexual acts. Normally, models use their own funds and resources as all you need is a web camera, internet access and a room. However, there also exist specialized studios where several models can work at the same time. Webcams differ from the offline part of the sex industry and porn videos in that there is no physical contact between the model and the client and all the payments are non-cash.

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Behind the scenes of the model’s webcam

Behind every model, there are a variety of intermediaries involved including agency owners, studio managers, and staffed internal transaction platforms. Each of these intermediaries takes a share in the models’ earnings, leaving the model only 20-25 percent of what her client paid. Activities of webcam platforms are also supported by numerous staff who are responsible for checking transactions, checking models comply with site rules, payments, technical support, marketing, and moderation. These staffs create huge overhead costs resulting in the platform requiring around 60 percent commission from payments.

Aside from the low percentage of earnings received by the model, the model has to earn a minimum required sum, usually $50 to get a payout. It’s worth noting that 99 percent of male models don’t even meet this minimum. In the instance where this threshold is met, most sites transfer payment within a strict period of time (mostly once a week, on a certain day). During this time, the model’s account is being checked for possible fraudulent activity. As a result, earnings of models can be blocked by the administration until all circumstances will be clear or payment can be completely denied. for example pays the models 20-25 days after the end of the two-week period.

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